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As part of your year end giving, please consider a contribution to

50th Anniversary Appeal

Click on the white arrow below to watch our 2020 Benefit film, honoring Jurate Kazickas and Roger C. Altman

2020 Benefit Committee

Carnegie Hill Neighbors was founded in 1970 with the primary purpose to preserve the historic character and architectural integrity of the neighborhood with specific advocacy efforts and community support.

Over time, CHN’s mission expanded to address common quality of life concerns in an urban setting, such as security, streetscape maintenance and beautification of open green space.

Fifty years later, in 2020, the Carnegie Hill Neighbors endures with education on building height limits, zoning and signage regulations at the streetscape level, in addition to providing a daily security patrol, and year round maintenance of the Park Avenue Mall, among other green initiatives in Carnegie Hill.

2020 Benefit Appeal

This year, CHN is combining our year end appeal and our silent auction into the 2020 Benefit Appeal. With a minimum gift of $500.00, you ensure CHN continues its mission of security, preservation and beautification for the next 50 years.



As part of our founding mission, landmarks advocacy and preservation protect the architectural integrity and historic charm of Carnegie Hill.




Your participation will fund CHN’s daily vehicle and foot patrols, adding an extra set of eyes on the street, keeping Carnegie Hill one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.




Planting and maintaining our Park Avenue malls and other green spaces; pruning street trees, and removing graffiti and stickers from our sidewalks elevates the beauty of Carnegie Hill.



CHN General Operations

Your unrestricted gift allows CHN to apply your generous support to where it is needed most; staffing and operating expenses, community outreach and educational programs.


Support another 50 years of Carnegie Hill Neighbors